The Realm of Love

I believe we are living in a post-rational society filled with sound bites over scoured substance, and polarization over true politics. The only vice worth rationalizing seems to be fear. Fear then becomes enflamed by an addiction to media and entertainment. The fear is legion. There is a fear of not knowing: Not knowing what is going on, not being a part of the group, a fear of isolation. Why the feeling of isolation among a sea of humanity – digital and otherwise? Why the feeling of not knowing when knowledge is omnipresent? Didn’t someone once say that knowledge would some day pass away (1 Cor. 13:8)? And if on that sweet day will fear remain? Anxiety? Love?

As a Christian, I am preparing myself for faith to remain after November 8. I’m preparing myself for healing. I’m preparing myself for confession. I’m preparing myself for time, still praying that it is on my side. If faith remains, then so does hope…and finally, the greatest of all, love. My faith gives me hope, and hope points me to love, and love beckons eternity. Fear compared with love is almost laughable. Anxiety equated with love – nothingness.

Finally, love points me to responsibility – responsibility for my own words and actions; responsibility for my blood family, and the human family. Yes. We are living in a post-rational society, but is not Love beyond rationalization as well? Am I brave enough to leave the surface and go beyond fear and anxiety, if not leave it all behind settling my soul within a cloud of unknowing?

For the moment I am here, fully present with only my contemplation. I pray that my next breath gets me through the temptation to live inside a virtual world that is virtually meaningless. Then, in the next breath after that, I pray for newfound faith and hope that helps me rest – rest in the sacred, in the eternal, in the realm of love.